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Self Portrait

Studied Art at Benedictine College in Atchison Kansas, also play music as a compliment to being an Artist, this is how I became an Artist.

I like many others became lost while attending my first year in college, it was suggested to take some Art Classes, loved it ever since.

Also I would like to mention I paint now because I am disabled, I haven't painted since the 1970's.

The paintings listed here all have been done in the last 45 days.

I have found a peace of mind resuming this lost passion.

I really don't have a real answer why I never continued to paint. God has a plan and maybe he was waiting for a time in my life were I needed strength to get my mind right again.

Music and Art go hand to hand for me.

By picking up and dusting off some of my old packed away instrument's it opened up a gateway to paint again.

I have a strong passion for Watercolors.

Also Love to paint Acrylics.

Currently residing in Winston Salem NC.

I have Artwork (Watercolor Paintings) on display at a local frame shop where you can view my paintings, also they do great work.

I have listed their address and phone number.

Frame It Sherwood Plaza 336-768-3871 3328 Robinhood Rd Winston Salem, NC 27106

I would love feed back because it is the only I can learn and hopefully improve.

Artist Highlights