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Kasey Cole Braun


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Originally from Toledo, Ohio I have always been inclined to drawing and creative writing until recently oil painting and digital imagery have become my passion. While still incorporating fundamental techniques, I enjoy exploring unfamiliar mediums and experimenting with new technology as it manifests. I produce original and personally tailored pieces of art, specializing in emotional portraits, surreal backdrops, abstract concepts, images of vitality, and graphic design.

I am an independently trained artist, progressively evolving talents, and formulating ideas through a conduit of inspiration that is the world around me.

As a single dad, my children stimulate my own sense of youth and adventure. The contagiousness of their kinetic enthusiasm promotes vibrancy within our home environment and thus fuels the sparks of imagination that result in living dreams and boundless vision. With levity and optimism I see things where many people choose not to imagine. I see opportunity in challenges. I see the positive in downtrodden circumstances. I find the beauty in nature and the brilliance of human diversity. I recognize the truth when I see it. I see a hurting world in need of more compassion, more kindness and more generosity. I see my own future as I invent it. "Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

Purpose, opportunity, and versatility have conjugated together in Ann Arbor, Michigan summoning my current presence, where the studio now exists on location "The Quasi Laboratory". It is within these walls that the intangibles of the supernatural spirit meet with the aesthetics of the physical world, manufacturing a hybrid of unceasing creativity. The motive of freelance innovation has designed an Internet portfolio "" that will market and supply various multimedia. Current and future projects include artwork, novels, philosophical & psychological essays, poetry, illustrated stories, screenplays, animation, film, photography, web-design, music, travel, and philanthropy.

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