Book Overview

We are very excited to announce the new ArtWanted Creative Minds - Volume 2 book! This beautiful full-color art book features artwork from over 200 talented ArtWanted artists and photographers. We have been working on this book for many months and we couldn't be happier with the final selection of artists and the talent we see on every page.

Creative Minds Book - Volume 2
ArtWanted Creative Minds Book - Vol. 2

Book Details

Book Size: 11" wide by 8.5" tall (horizontal)
Binding: Softcover & Hardcover Available
Paper Type: 80# Premium White
Artist/Image Count: 221
Page Count: 114
Year Published: 2023

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Support the art community and own a piece of ArtWanted history. Purchase a copy of the ArtWanted Creative Minds - Vol. 2 book today by clicking on either button below. Makes a great gift for friends and family, too.

Worldwide Printing & Shipping

This new book is printed-on-demand. That means the book is printed, bound and shipped after it's ordered. We currently print/ship from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, South Africa, and Australia. The book will be printed in the country nearest you, which saves you shipping costs and delivers the book faster!

Book Artist Index

The ArtWanted Creative Minds - Vol. 2 book contains artwork from over 200 artists. These artists submitted their artwork for consideration, were voted on by our active members, and the top ranking artists have their art included in this publication.

The artists featured in this book receive a small commission from each book sale. When you purchase a book, you are supporting the art community and the artists in this book.

To view the complete list of artists included in the book and a link to their portfolios, click the button below.

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Sample Book Pages

This amazing book contains over 100 full-color pages. Each page contains two beautiful artwork pieces from two different artists. The name of the artist and the title of the artwork is displayed next to each image. Here are 6 actual pages from the book. The book is divided into three sections: Traditional Art, Digital Art & Photography.

Book History

About 15 years ago, we created the first ArtWanted Creative Minds book. The original 254-page book contained over 600 beautiful images of traditional art, digital art and photography. Each artist had their own dedicated page with their artwork/photography and information about each piece. Many of the artists featured in this book are still found on ArtWanted today.

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If you would like to get your hands on the original ArtWanted Creative Minds - Volume 1 book, we have a limited number of copies remaining that can be purchased below. Once they sell out, they will be gone forever.

Creative Minds Book
Original ArtWanted Creative Minds Book - Vol. 1

ArtWanted Creative Minds - Volume 2

Thank you for learning more about this amazing new book and supporting the art community. We know you will enjoy looking at each and every page!