Artist Bio

I have always loved nature. I have loved art since I was three and someone first put a paintbrush in my hand. I see beauty all around me in simple, small things. When I am struggling with something difficult in my journey, or am just weary and stressed, I go outside and smell the air, and feel the sun. As I walk I see tiny bits of beauty in a flower, or a leaf with raindrops on it, or a pattern in the ripples in the water and it lifts me up. One time when I was feeling particularly distressed, I was out walking in the rain. It was dark and dismal, just like I felt. I heard a beautiful sound and looked up to see a Mockingbird on top of a craggy, half dead apple tree, head thrown back, singing it’s heart out. It was magic for me. I like to use my photos to try to capture that magic, that moment, so I can share it with someone else.

Artist Highlights