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I have always enjoyed drawing, and took the typical courses throughout my school years. However, after some major accomplishments in art in high school, including a few murals on the walls of the school that actually stayed there for quite a few years, life took over and I didn’t pick up a pencil for almost 20 years. 2 babies, countless other arts and crafts, like sewing, knitting, etc. took over my life and I really didn’t think much about it.

During a time when most things in my life were seemingly not going very well, and stress was at an all time high, a couple of dear friends were chatting back and forth on instant messenger and what they said made me think about drawing again. Another friend was feeling a bit down, and one of her favourite things just happened to be “hands”. I picked up the pencil for the first time in years and started drawing a pair of hands (it was from a particular picture I knew she really liked). I figured that I was always pretty good at hands before, so it would be a good place to start and would maybe help a friend feel a little better in the process.

I haven’t stopped since. With each new drawing I learn something more, and I believe I get better each time. When I pick up the pencils, I am transported to a different place, hours can go by and I don’t notice. And, I am still amazed at how I can make something drawn in pencil look so real... or when I use a new technique and it turns out how I had envisioned it... I’m like a kid in a candy store... a new delight around every corner.

I really enjoy hearing feedback and opinions from everyone, so leave a comment if you have time.

I do commission work, so contact me if you are interested in having something done.


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