Artist Bio

Self Portrait

I was born in the Netherlands (1949). I have a professional background in art therapy and since 1995 I am a professional artist. I have exhibited in Switzerland, Australia, Holland, Canada and Portugal (Coimbra, √Čvora, Lisbon, Algarve).

Since 2005 I have been living in the Algarve (Portugal) and I am a member of the international artists network AAN.

I studied different philosophies about the essence of life and I feel especially attracted by Zen Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta. My work over the last 25 years gives an overview of my spiritual evolution and development.

My art is both personal and universal.

My art is about what I find when I look into myself, as well as what I see when I look at the world. I have developed my own visual language with forms and colours to express this spiritual path.

As materials I use acrylic paint, neo pastel crayons, photos and paper collages.

Artist Highlights