Artist Bio

Self Portrait

Paul, a native of New York, has been involved in photographic and mixed-media processes for over 38 years. His work with texture and color has brought him critical acclaim and numerous awards in Los Angeles, where he has practiced his artistry for the past 25 years. Paul’s move to Nevada in 2008 has allowed him to become more deeply focused on his medium. His unswerving fascination with elaborate textures and colors, along with hand manipulation of fluid film, pigment and epoxies, has given creation to singularly unique compositions.

Paul became involved with Polaroid Time Zero Film several years ago. The film’s fluid medium allowed a painterly modification of photographic images. Paul’s ability to physically move the jelly-like emulsion as the image developed resulted in hybrid visual realizations that clearly transcended any conventional photography.

As his artistry continued to evolve, Paul moved beyond film and began exploring the use of hand-mixed epoxy resins. He has not looked back since. Paul found a new freedom in mixing his own pigments and dyes into the resins. This alchemical process allows for fluid, transparent layers of color that cannot be achieved in any other medium. The ability to move and rearrange the mutable image for hours on end, sometimes adding in elements of glass, sand and other reflective elements is fascinating to watch. An image gestates, grows and develops a life and personality of its own. The interactive layers of high gloss pigment along with added elemental textures conspire to create a distinctively contemporary vision.

Artist Highlights