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My name is Patti Jo and I specialize in CUSTOM Portraits and Native American and Old West Paintings and Photography and NOW...HAWAII too!! My paintings are usually in acrylics but I occasionally do oils. I also do pencil drawings and especially portraits!

I have been gone from ArtWanted for several months due to health problems but am back now and will be adding new works as well as selling them through my PayPal account. I hope you enjoy looking at my owrk and encourage questions as well as comments!

I love to computer enhance my photographs to make them look more like a paintings.

I do portrait commissions, and will do a beautiful, heirloom portrait from your favorite photo in an oil or acrylic painting, or a graphite drawing of your loved ones , home, favorite vacation or??? Please just email me at: [email protected] for more info.

I am a licensed official "Emmett Kelly Jr." Artist! This is the "World's Most Famous Clown" and the "Most Photographed Person in the World"! I am licensed to paint and sell Original acrylic paintings as well as prints of Emmett, Jr and the first one is done and will soon be available as Giclee prints! Photographic prints are available now.

I deeply regret to inform you that the "World's Favorite Clown" Emmett Kelly, Jr. passed away on November 29, 2006! The world has lost a very special friend and he gave millions of people a smile in their hearts for 45 years. We will miss him and I am very honored to have known him and to be allowed to help keep his memory alive through my artwork.

Also, Watkins Designs, a EKJ licensed to make jewelry, has my 1st painting of Emmett available now on Clocks and Italian charms. Thank you for looking at my work and enjoy!

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