Artist Bio

Hello, my name is Olga Paulescu. I am an artist. I love to paint! Ok, you pretty much figured that out by now. I also love to photograph people. I have been in the digital photography business for the passed 5 years. I have done many weddings and people photography. But I have been a painter and creative, at pretty much everything I do, most of my life. I have taken a break from painting, mainly to raise my 4 kids, who I love and adore. But recently my little sister (I just have to give her credit!!) has convinced me to pick up the brush again. Well, now I can't stop painting!

I forgot how much I used to love to paint. I almost transfer into another world when I paint. No one around me exists any longer and I'm in a world where I can create anything my mind has imagined. I love to be able to see the image in my mind before it comes to life on canvas. I love to see the final result. I call it "feeling it". I always say this to my daughter when I paint: "I'm not feeling it yet, there is something missing!" And I'm "feeling it" when it's complete.

I sure hope you enjoy my paintings. Please leave me a comment as I love to hear feedback and how each painting can relate to you. Or how it makes you feel.

Thank you!

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