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I began drawing as a very young child and had my first gallery show when I was in my early teens. Growing up internationally I spent most of my childhood bouncing from country to county with “home” being Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In my teens I moved to Montgomery, Alabama and currently reside in New Minas, Nova Scotia.

Artistic Interests Living abroad had a major impact on my art and opinions of the world around me. I began drawing intricate designs from the Middle East and India incorporating vivid colour, later finding a love of figurative works. The primary mediums I work in are ink, watercolours, and colour pencil as well as jewellery design, photography and fantasy soft-sculpture dolls. In 2010 my work was shown at the Golden Globes and 2011 the MTV Movie Awards, both in Los Angeles, California with the indiExhibit.

Personal Interests I’m an artist, photographer, author and mother. My art and photography is collected around the world, published in various magazines and books and licensed for a variety of products. I have three children and I am owned by a horde of (three) Chihuahuas. I am an avid supporter of Autism and Cancer research, as well as LGBT rights and often donate my work and time to raise money and awareness.

I'm a proud member of The indiExhibit and The Enchanted Visions Project.

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