Artist Bio

Self Portrait

Noelle Rollins is an artist, teacher and master dreamer. From her St. Croix River Valley studio in Wisconsin, Noelle combines her 25 years of artistic experience with a mission to capture the beauty of life’s most sacred moments through art. You can find her soulful artwork on canvas, prints, greeting cards and more.

You can find Noelle’s artwork in boutiques, studios and offices. the Sacred hellos and uplifting artwork lines offer retail locations a unique chance to offer customers a deeper, soul touching artwork and remembrance gifts.

For Natural health practices Noelle and her artwork gently assist offices and studios in clearly displaying their mission statements to their clients through decor and retail offerings.

Through her heart centered coaching and online classes Noelle helps women from all walks of life who are feeling disconnected and exhausted from holding together everything for everyone around them. Together we tap into their soul’s deepest desires, learn how to live from a place of love and support and truly start living a life that is on purpose and full of joy.

Artist Highlights