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10 Aug, 2020


09 Aug, 2020

There were times... Here in AW... Some of us still remember.

Wishing for a good change. Good night from Israel,

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Adorn Himself with His Feathers by Nira Dabush Home / Artists / Nira Dabush / ART...........! / Image Detail

Nira Dabush View Portfolio Image 4 of 7 Added 28 Jun 2006 797 Views 177 Comments 17 Favorites

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Watercolour,About 40cm x 50 cm.Finished yesterday...on the Third Pastel Blue,working table,in my Living room :-))......Peacock,is one subject,I've done quite alot during the years...All kinds of works actually...This piece was inspired,by the photomontage...i've made about a month,or more...But also.....influenced by myself...from different times of creation............I'm having terrible internet problems during the last several days....Thanks alot,for viewing and commenting...May we ALL,have a splendid day...and WE WILL..!! :-)...Copyrights (c)Nira Dabush

Additional Artwork Tags ART...........! Art/Drawing Misc. Watercolor Nature/Wildlife 177 Comments Artists are not allowed to comment on their own work, but other members do have the option to leave you some feedback on this image. Randi Grace Nilsberg 27 Sep 2015 Beautiful work!

Delete Reply Angel Estevez 11 Aug 2014 Wondeful artwork and very creative! The use of colors is perfect. Great talent! Congratulations Nira.

Delete Reply Pamela Rivera 29 Jul 2014 what a stunning piece of art:)

Delete Reply Mariateresa Sala 21 Nov 2013 beautifull artwork congrats

Delete Reply Sandra S. Corona 09 May 2013 Vivid and breathtaking!

Delete Reply Paul Brennan 05 Feb 2013 Excellent choice of colors well done

Delete Reply Kandace Barnes 28 Jan 2013 Perfect Peacock! Really outstanding!

Delete Reply Basant Soni 21 Jan 2013 Adorable work with pleasing show...!!+f

Delete Reply Eugenia Abramson 12 Dec 2012 Beautiful colorful art!

Delete Reply Calvin McFarlane 29 May 2012 UTTERLY OUTSTANDING Nira!

Delete Reply John Cappello 29 May 2012 Nice work So Well done it's unbelievable

Delete Reply Carol Carron 23 May 2012 Gorgeous!!

Delete Reply Angie Owens 12 Jan 2012 ok so i loved this immediately, splendid color! but then i read its watercolor and i am floored! wow!

Delete Reply shenur masters 20 Dec 2011 Beautiful!

Delete Reply M Smith 25 May 2011 This is gorgeous.

Delete Reply debi day 04 May 2011 This is amazing!!!!

Delete Reply Astha Tuladhar 20 Dec 2010 I LIKE IT A LOT!

Delete Reply Ravinder Dutt 03 Dec 2010 BEAUTIFUL, look how proud he looks,

Delete Reply gabrielle lee 14 Nov 2010 Fantastic work!! Brilliant colours and fabulous detailing

Delete Reply Aqua1955 23 Oct 2010 Magnificent work Nira. The look is just awsome like a peacock would do

Delete Reply marie-claire gallet 19 Oct 2010 Outstanding work Nira, the colors are just gorgeous !!

Delete Reply Adelle John 29 Jun 2010 nice work. I am a bird lover of all types, keep three canaries and a cockatiel which bring me great joy. For all of our troubles to be well clothed, not one of us is adorned as magnifiscently as a bird. You captured that well in this painting.

Delete Reply Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Feb 2010 Lo han cortado, lo siento mí Angel Divino. Más tarde te escribo. Besos y abrazos. Pepe

Delete Reply Sigridur Bachmann 16 Sep 2009 WOw ! Outstanding work very well done, good balance ! Marvelous color palette, striking composition ! " SUPERB "

Delete Reply Liz Robinson 05 Sep 2009 Absolutely beautiful Nira, wonderful expression on the peacock's face. The background and colour are gorgeous and work so well.

Delete Reply Bruce Combs 01 Aug 2009 Thank you for the beautiful close-up of that blue blue neck! Peace, etc., Bruce

Delete Reply Anonymous Guest (IP: 01 Aug 2009 Thank you, Nira:Powerful game of tones, very rich,much force, all is belle, drawin,composition. Beautiful my friend. For always. José

Delete Reply N.D. Patel 21 Jul 2009 wow, i cannot piece together how wonderfully the colors work together!! beautiful work :D

Delete Reply Lisa Bell 27 May 2009 Such a beautiful fellow! Splendid colors!

Delete Reply Amy Hooton 23 May 2009 Beautiful!

Delete Reply Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 21 Apr 2009 Hello Nira! What an amazing piece of work.I wonder why I'm not getting your work through my art watch list. Shame to miss such incredible art.

Delete Reply Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 Apr 2009 Incredible details and colors, Nira. Just amazing!

Delete Reply Atamjeet Singh Bawa 04 Apr 2009 Wow! This is really very nice ^-^

Delete Reply ruth sears 14 Mar 2009 awesome colors in this you are very talented.

Delete Reply Delia Pacheco 20 Jan 2009 wonderful colorful painting!

Delete Reply wayne french 14 Jan 2009 Striking contrasts, great job Nira!!

Delete Reply jamie baughman 08 Jan 2009 VERY BEAUTIFUL!!

Delete Reply elizabeth clausen 16 Dec 2008 I absolutely love this one!!!

Delete Reply Beatrix Jahn 07 Dec 2008 Lovely painting! Tov meod!

Delete Reply Marja-Leena Landry 16 Oct 2008 GREAT IMAGE AND WORK-I have some real nice photos of peacocks (in my portfolio)you might be able to use..You are welcome to/ Marja

Delete Reply Holly Martinson 10 Oct 2008 Amazing work, gorgeous water color.

Delete Reply judit dora 25 Aug 2008 Gorgious!

Delete Reply margaret mckeehan 23 Aug 2008 FNATASTIC WORK

Delete Reply Sheryl Boivin 30 Jul 2008 This is simply amazing..a beautiful piece of work!

Delete Reply Caballero Salguero 15 Jul 2008 Nira: Thank you. Colours , drawing, composition and the great neatly . One great watercolor. Very good indeed. For always. Jose

Delete Reply Magda Elsehrawi 07 Jul 2008 Nira your work is gorgeous!!! It would be great if you continued to create a peacock series.... you do them so well :)

Delete Reply Gavin North 05 Jun 2008 his is simply amazing, Love the use of vibrant colors, an all round excellent piece

Delete Reply MJ Mitchell 05 Jun 2008 Incredible colors, the detail is superb, such a beautiful painting!

Delete Reply Sandra McClure 05 Jun 2008 FANTASTIC gorgeous work. Wonderful color and movement.

Delete Reply Fiona Robinson 04 Jun 2008 wow, such vibrancy - a fantastic painting, your so very talented

Delete Reply Cristina Andrisan 02 Jun 2008 Wow!Great!Stunning watercolor!

Delete Reply Ledneva-Schukina Svetlana 27 May 2008 WOW WOW WOW ! MAGNIFIC PERFECT WORK !!!

Delete Reply luci reader 25 May 2008 Splendid! how beautiful!

Delete Reply ron sargent 15 May 2008 love these colors awesome

Delete Reply Em J Reed 13 May 2008 Amazing colours and detail...I love this piece!

Delete Reply Marco Gonzalez 12 May 2008 Nice paint ...You, nice person

Delete Reply Derek McCrea 03 May 2008 one word...WOW!

Delete Reply Cynthia Fisher 30 Apr 2008 Vibrant and oh so beautiful!

Delete Reply Marika Antal 26 Apr 2008 wonderful work!!! by Marika

Delete Reply Madeleine Weber 26 Apr 2008 Nira, this is a m a z i n g....the peacock is so difficult to paint....but you found an amazing style. I love it. Wonderful work. M*

Delete Reply Linda Scott 26 Apr 2008 This i SO lovely. it's hard to stop looking at it! Beautiful job.

Delete Reply Bernhard Mueller 23 Apr 2008 Wow, with watercolour! Incredible. You do really know how to handle watercolour painting.

Delete Reply Robin Mead 22 Apr 2008 Gorgeous use of color..excellent design..wonderful subject!!

Delete Reply Teresa Dominici 16 Apr 2008 Stunning colors...great art work

Delete Reply MaKayla Songer 11 Apr 2008 This is very, very beautiful. I love the hard edges and vibrant colors.

Delete Reply esther baltisberger 06 Apr 2008 wow just georgous these stunning colors seem to glow beautifully made Nira

Delete Reply pamela jones 20 Mar 2008 Very colourful and cheerful piece of work Nira

Delete Reply Tia Antoniades 18 Mar 2008 Vibrant colors!

Delete Reply timmy anderson 17 Mar 2008 Very cool colors you have dun a grate job on this one;)!!!

Delete Reply Autumn Borges 14 Mar 2008 Thought i tell you how much I like this piece..Autumn

Delete Reply Valentina Gatewood 09 Mar 2008 Colorful! Wonderful! Beautiful!!

Delete Reply Julie Mayser 05 Mar 2008 A marvelous artwork... amazing watercolor, Nira!

Delete Reply Christine Higgins 01 Mar 2008 Exhuberant!

Delete Reply Natalie Green 20 Feb 2008 that is absolutely amazing for watercolors!! WELL DONE!!

Delete Reply Bobba Quimba 17 Feb 2008 Love this design and the line work, reminiscent of Van Gogh on the breast of the peacock. Your textile background is a huge plus for drawing and painting I see. I haven't been online much for a long glad to be back and getting back to old friends.

Delete Reply stephanie atlee 11 Feb 2008 This is just wonderful...the colors are just amazing...well done

Delete Reply Gabrielle Stahlie 29 Jan 2008 A spectacular watercolour!

Delete Reply Lawrence Gard 22 Jan 2008 I love this! It's beautiful!

Delete Reply Ruth Kauffman 03 Jan 2008 Nira...I can't imagine how anyone could have the patience or talent to do this incredible painting!!! It must have taken you FOREVER!! LOL

Delete Reply Loren Carson 27 Dec 2007 I love this

Delete Reply Natalie G 23 Dec 2007 Perfect harmony! The vibrancy of colors is absolutely BRILLIANT in this piece. It's truly 'you', Nira. Outstanding work of art.

Delete Reply John Fish 22 Dec 2007 beautifully done piece. I love your drawing and the colors and composition are wonderful

Delete Reply Claire Louka 22 Dec 2007 This is beautiful I love peacocks, strong composition

Delete Reply Sam Melendez 22 Dec 2007 Just Lovely!

Delete Reply Parul Airen 10 Dec 2007 What detail and colors!! Great painting, Nira.

Delete Reply Louis Vuittonet 01 Dec 2007 Totally Awesome

Delete Reply Ron Johnson 28 Nov 2007 Wow!!.....This is an amazing composition...beautifully done, Nira!

Delete Reply Karen Vath 19 Nov 2007 What a great combination of color, realistic, yet abstract, this is a great piece !

Delete Reply Trine Meyer Vogsland 16 Nov 2007 seeing your subgalleries I realized that you are a lady of may interests and talents. I lik ehow you have a special style wich is both realistic and also semiabstract here and I like how you have a near cartoonish look in its eyes giving it personality not only it being a generic bird.

Delete Reply vincent vega 04 Nov 2007 fantastic...very lovely. good work nira

Delete Reply alma groskinsky 22 Oct 2007 What a beauty this is ....

Delete Reply Jessica Courtley-Rose 21 Oct 2007 so colorful and very wonderfully done!

Delete Reply Barbara Keith 19 Oct 2007 Wow.. wonderfully done!!

Delete Reply Bev Turner 19 Oct 2007 Beautiful!

Delete Reply sheila stanley-powell 16 Oct 2007 very intense colours (appropriate for the peacock) makes for a great image.

Delete Reply Kathie Nichols 25 Sep 2007 Amazing vibrance for watercolour, so gorgeous!

Delete Reply julie Barnett 21 Sep 2007 hi - rusty, who lives down the road to me, told me to have a look at your work - i think its excellent - i also do a bit of textile work - read your biography and would be interested to know where in england you studied textiles? L'shana tova - julie

Delete Reply Kerra Lindsey 13 Sep 2007 I am SO impressed with the vibrancy of colors here---wow! Excellent composition of color! Love it! -Kerra

Delete Reply Paul Traudt 10 Sep 2007 excellent work love the colors

Delete Reply Dennis Malcolm 01 Sep 2007 beautiful artwork!

Delete Reply Alexandra Dvinitninova 29 Aug 2007 this is a verynice composition with the bright colours

Delete Reply George Wallis 19 Aug 2007 excellent colors and details

Delete Reply Ben Kiger 19 Aug 2007 wow, just beautiful, thanks

Delete Reply Ann Fawssett-Atkin 15 Jul 2007 Wonderful vitality

Delete Reply Ann Fawssett-Atkin 15 Jul 2007 Wonderful vitality

Delete Reply Nonny Isabella 01 Jul 2007 Oh this is so wonderful! It would actually work really well if you made this in stained glass, can you imagine how beautiful all those colours would look in a window! The blue for the peacocks body is gorgeous b the way! :)

Delete Reply Olga van Dijk 23 Jun 2007 SMASHING WORK NIRA!!--

Delete Reply Sally Pulford 23 Jun 2007 Spectacular!! This is an amazingly intricate and detailed piece. It must have taken you forever. Did you use masking fluid? Your graduations of colours, precise brushstrokes and how you've made the head pop out are wonderful. This work of art truly deserves the title. A great work of art.

Delete Reply Artist Reply: Hello Sally,thanks for your comments,truly appreciated...NO,I didn't use here masking fluid.Its pure watercolour work with brushes :-)..HAVE YOURSELF A WONDERFUL CREATIVE DAY,NIRA

Delete michael falk 20 Jun 2007 this is the most awesome piece. wow

Delete Reply Vivianne Couture 07 Jun 2007 Wow! Very beautiful and colored work.

Delete Reply Manohar M.R. 07 Jun 2007 I simply love this paintings, I will be looking forward to seeing more of your works.

Delete Reply Natalia Malinko 06 Jun 2007 Seems oriental carpet, so bright colors!

Delete Reply erika brodie 06 Jun 2007 Such a vibrant watercolor! Love all the different patterns you used...nicely done.

Delete Reply Roisin Markham 24 May 2007 Great style & image.

Delete Reply Gary Glass 09 May 2007 This is a beautiful piece of work Nira.. lovely bright colors..

Delete Reply cathy sharpe 04 May 2007 Great style Nira, awesome detailing, great colours too!

Delete Reply Linda King 26 Apr 2007 What an interesting piece. Love all the colors and detail.

Delete Reply Anna Sylvester 17 Apr 2007 Lovely, flamboyant color! The blue is so alluring! Well done!

Delete Reply jennifer rose 14 Apr 2007 Gorgeous colours!

Delete Reply Eva Rogers 13 Apr 2007 awesome

Delete Reply Mark Peterson 08 Apr 2007 Nice work Nira... colorful! good art!

Delete Reply Faith Bengtson 07 Apr 2007 Wonderful image and colors. I love it.

Delete Reply Kelly Jacobi 02 Apr 2007 This is breathtaking.

Delete Reply steve running 16 Feb 2007 Fantastic Work my friend!!!

Delete Reply Tom and Susan Repasky 03 Feb 2007 Your work is always so spectacular Nira!! This peacock is beautiful, stunningly so!! The attention to detail and color is excellent, as is the presentation!! Wonderful work!! ~S

Delete Reply Ruthy Valdez 27 Jan 2007 beautiful colors

Delete Reply Arevik Tunyan 26 Jan 2007 How fantestic......I love this one very much!!!!!!!!!!

Delete Reply David Holcombe 23 Jan 2007 Wonderful graphic qualities. There is a strong sense of design and composition. The color balance is elegant, as is the subject matter. An all-around beautiful work.

Delete Reply Charmaine Bartlett 21 Jan 2007 Hello Nira...I Believe this is one of my Favorites....Incredible. I see a whole line of festive/catering and serving pieces. Outstanding! Blessings, Char

Delete Reply Jennifer Hewitt 07 Jan 2007 wow this is amazing!! so beautiful! i love peacocks!

Delete Reply Maureen Middleton 05 Jan 2007 That is stunning Nira - wonderful use of watercolours. Glad you liked my textiles finish in my drawing as you are an expert on that I think! Thanks for the compliment and this is beautiful.

Delete Reply Renata Cavanaugh 28 Dec 2006 Wow, this is awesome Nira. I love it. 10++++++++

Delete Reply william maldonado 21 Dec 2006 WOW! WONDERFUL COLOR SCHEMES..LOVE IT

Delete Reply Fernando Rivera 20 Dec 2006 Nira, your work is awesome. Your art is sweet ,colorful and full of life. The bird looks like it is ready tp fly off the page. One word:"AWESOME."

Delete Reply John Enright 20 Dec 2006 very colorful and exciting piece of work Nira. congratulations.

Delete Reply Terry Bassett 12 Dec 2006 This is a beautiful watercolour Nira.. what a super interpretation of this lovely bird.. Love it!..:-)

Delete Reply William J. Griffith 12 Dec 2006 This is beautiful, really terrific work.

Delete Reply Michael Forbus 10 Nov 2006 Nira, this is one of my favorite ones. Exquisite work. Your are just amazing. Michael

Delete Reply Collette Renee Fergus 28 Oct 2006 Nira, what an amazing piece of work! I can hardly believe it is a watercolour with all that vibrancy! Fanatastic work.

Delete Reply Anonymous Guest (IP: 14 Oct 2006 You are amazing artist ,Nira-So talented,I can't even begin to explain to you what this art-work is doing to me.I LOVE YOUR ART.And it was a great visit to your portfolio today,I'm sure I'll be back soon to enjoy your art-works.I'm truly impresed,and actually I wish to know if you're giving art lessons too.............

Delete Reply Anonymous Guest (IP: 14 Oct 2006 You are amazing artist ,Nira-So talented,I can't even begin to explain to you what this art-work is doing to me.I LOVE YOUR ART.And it was a great visit to your portfolio today,I'm sure I'll be back soon to enjoy your art-works.I'm truly impresed,and actually I wish to know if you're giving art lessons too.............

Delete Reply anirban bora 04 Oct 2006 gorgeous

Delete Reply Brigitte Hintner 27 Aug 2006 Hey Nira I love this peacock so much in every way especially I'm impressed by the wonderful colour choose , his pose and composition ! Bravo !!!! Have a nice time !!

Delete Reply gregg dutcher 22 Aug 2006 Super,...just s-u-p-e-r!!!

Delete Reply Maurizio Miele 14 Aug 2006 Great Work Nira !!!!! Maurizio Miele

Delete Reply Loree Harrell 13 Aug 2006 This is really nice, Nira! - spectacular color and you really captured that peacock look around the eye. Very well done!

Delete Reply Rashi Chaturvedi 12 Aug 2006 lovely colours. amazing stunning and sexy... this peacock. thats our (India's ) national bird so we love it and its such beautiful depiction is just awesome.

Delete Reply Artist Reply: Rashi...thanks so much for such wonderful comments..i also love to hear that the peacock is your international animal..and you love it so know why.. because i think its amazing bird,,,personally i love it...i made few works with it through all my years of on AW..I've heard several things about it..that i didn;t know before..but...i like most what you're telling me,here..Have a wonderful weekend!!

Delete Susan Rodio 11 Aug 2006 How stunning - your work is amazing!

Delete Reply sue kramer 07 Aug 2006 this is fantastic what a beautiful picture love the colors and your technique

Delete Reply cynthia berridge 20 Jul 2006 awesome artwork

Delete Reply John Graham Inkson 06 Jul 2006 Wonderful control of the medium. I meant BLENDS in the other one

Delete Reply Dawn Bigford 30 Jun 2006 Wow, such beautiful colours and such great work

Delete Reply Alberto D'Assumpcao 29 Jun 2006 Fabulous watercolor, Nira! Fantastic colours!!!

Delete Reply Nancy Costley 29 Jun 2006 He is a beauty!

Delete Reply Ginger Lovellette 29 Jun 2006 So colorful and eye-catching. Great job!

Delete Reply Rebecca Mullan 29 Jun 2006 Delightful color..detailed design Nira..simply gorgeous!!! I love it - your talent amazes me !!!

Delete Reply Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 28 Jun 2006 Wow,Nira!!!An amazing watercolor artwork my Friend! Great rich color tones ;great composition just Gorgeous!!!!!!!:)

Delete Reply thea walstra 28 Jun 2006 Gorgeous and splendid work

Delete Reply LouAnn Knight 28 Jun 2006 Beautiful!! The vivid colors, excellent, clear detail..!! Love it!!

Delete Reply Artist Reply: Thanks so much ,LouAnn...glad you love this one.Have a splendid day!!

Delete bianca thomas 28 Jun 2006 Nira.....this is a beauty

Delete Reply Artist Reply: thanks so much ,Bianca!!

Delete Les Jobes 28 Jun 2006 WOW! This must have taken you for ever to create! Sooo beautiful!! Outstanding skills Nira.. just amazing! The strength of colour, the purpose of each stroke, the blending-just right... AWESOME!!! What a masterful watercolour painting - BRAVO!! :o)

Delete Reply joan warburton 28 Jun 2006 Stunning detail and colors!

Delete Reply Reba McDonald 28 Jun 2006 Beautiful work Nira.

Delete Reply Artist Reply: Dear Reba,thanks alot ,for all you recent comments.

Delete Pat Abbott 28 Jun 2006 Wonderful work, love the colors and the composition.

Delete Reply Lynnda Rakos 28 Jun 2006 Outstanding..Beautiful colours and design!!!

Delete Reply corry stuart 28 Jun 2006 beautiful Nira

Delete Reply Patty Day 28 Jun 2006 Wow!! What a lovely design, Outstanding job!!!!

Delete Reply Artist Reply: Thanks Patty...!! :-))..only the best to u!!

Delete Laurie Brookes 28 Jun 2006 OH NIRA! This is so beautiful! It must have taken a long time to do those feathers! I adore it!

Delete Reply Artist Reply: Thanks alot ,dear tooks some time...but i truly enjoy my TIME doing this piece... :-))...GLAD YOU ENJOY THIS...

Delete Gregory Edwards 28 Jun 2006 What grand esteem to be so adorned. Beautiful Watercolour. Beyond my ability to create, I congradulate you!!! ~art making is beyond time~

Delete Reply Artist Reply: Yes,Grigori...i so much agree with you:" ~ art making is beyond time ~"... ... ...The beauty,of AW,is ...that every and each of us came usually from different backgrounds ...different wills or abilities..But ALL,wish to create his/her own ART...And this is whats so important to me...those wonderful "meetings" ...between artists in our portfolios - Which give us the option to explore more ART...THANKS ALOT!!!

Delete Lucia Stewart 28 Jun 2006 Fabulous creative art, love the details and awesome colours!!Well done!

Delete Reply geoff cooper 28 Jun 2006 lovely work Nira..

Delete Reply Artist Reply: THANKS ALOT ,GEOFF :-)

Delete Tabitha Borges 28 Jun 2006 Oh what time you spent and the detail are just so stunning...Yes Marvellous...Great!!!

Delete Reply Artist Reply: What is TIME ??...When you doing ART..?...Its taking the TIME...:-)..If U want to do ART.....All kinds of ART,IS TIME...TIME IS ART,ALSO...:-)...Think of you choose to spend your matter ,if you are an artist or not...IT IS ART...:-)...thanks so much ,tab!

Delete José Fortunato 28 Jun 2006 Wonderful watercolor !

Delete Reply Artist Reply: THANKS ALOT, JOSE'!!


Delete Reply Artist Reply: My dear ,Nelly....glad to read your comments...while...having my brush in one hand...and typing with a SMILE for you ,in the other hand... :-))..THANKS SO VERY MUCH,NELLY...i'm sure you'll have a splendid day friend ! :-)

Delete Linda Bertiaux 28 Jun 2006 This is just an extraordinary piece of work. The colors are wonderful together and th colors complement each other. Why to go!!!!

Delete Reply Artist Reply: THANKS SO very much ,Linda...have a splendid day!!

Delete Christine brand 28 Jun 2006 Wow! My favorite one! Awesome colors and composition, brilliant, royal and regal...Brush work, colors...Astounding, exciting and thrilling...Wow!

Delete Reply Artist Reply: Hi there ,Christine...Thanks SO MUCH,for your GREAT COMMENTS...It is a great JOY,this morning...HOPE ALL IS WELL,With you...i know,i promise,you a photo...still didn't took it...BUT I WILL :-))...Only the very best to you,Always,WITH LOVE,NIRA.

Delete Loredana 28 Jun 2006 Fabulous watercolor Nira awesome color and detail love it :)

Delete Reply Artist Reply: Thanks alot ,Loredana...glad you love it...About the reality... look even much BETTER,Then it is shown,here.HAVE A SPLENDID DAY!!


09 Aug, 2020

I noticed the AW site changed too much, unfortunately. The traffic of people completely changed the same as the atmosphere. In my opinion, It has many reasons, and I felt AW, should consider helping it grow again, as it was in the past.. Not only me think like this.. Even If I am a member in several Art- Sites, for me AW, was the first art-site, in which I was active.. and found the best community. I understand not only they limited the posts in the Forums... They limited their showing on the SITE, The real amount of images, an artist posts. at the home page of . That means if once in several days I post 2 images, they show only one... WHY?. If for 2 months I could not post, and I wish to post more images... they will show at the site only one image. I am sorry for that too. Since their last change, I am getting ERRORS, as an anonymous visitor... WHY? I can't really change my cover, when I wish...?
And just by the way.. the look of the old forums was much more "friendly".. and I could have many friends in this site.. also something that was lost here.. WHY... Since there is SPY, & peepers to all that I do. I truly miss the "old days" at the site..
And, I think AW, Should do BETTER... At least they can consult with us, to make their improvements.
I also think that they should find a way to arrange this site free after so many years that artists pay... without deleting of images.
Some of the Best , wonderful people that were active here.. simply gone.. some run away... since AW Changes. For a while me too, understanding that outsiders people of the site... gave instructions to control artists... some the people I really liked were asked to do certain things, and were controlled... - That should never has to happen. ... So.. I still have my hopef for safer internet, and loyal friends that truly care. Sending my LOVE, To those care. Stay healthy in this COVID 19 times. Safety of Privacy must come first for all of us.. and the responsibility to one another when needed. ( in subject od privacy) Good night from Israel, Nira.


09 Aug, 2020

Just before reaching 56 years old, Aug, 10.. At this special time for everyone, considered the era... Time to think over so many things. I decided to edit my Smiles Post of " A smile Bring A Smile "... Especially this time of LIFE. My wishes to myself already written on my Private Life.
With much hopes for a safer world, in every way possible.. while some of you really know me and some of my wishes. Others will never really...
I wish myself Many Reasons to SMILE This year and Forever.
Calmness and logic in all doings to all of you. And the responsibility to one another - Really.
My privacy will be returned to me, with the abilities of it.
I thank all of you that support my way in internet...


09 Aug, 2020

So Afterall, I found that image... And I wish the whole world will go to a new safer direction... With respect to one another. Safe Happiness with much love and good health.


31 Mar, 2020


14 Oct, 2019


14 Oct, 2019


15 Apr, 2019

Quite sadly I heard the news of the Notre-Dame de Paris on fire.
My heart cries for the people of Paris.. and the whole of France.
A great loss & a terrible pain to all the world.
In approx 2006, I made an artwork in honor of a friend, I had here in AW of the Notre-Dame de Paris.. At a time he was there.... I tried to search for the image, but could not find it... Luckily he has it for sure... I wish I had it... Will I see it again ?
With my prayers for a better world... Love & Peace.


Nira Dabush 15 Apr 2019

You will see your image again, the same as you see the Notre-Dame de Paris.. Good night from NIRA.


23 Feb, 2019