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I am from Algeria live in Egypt this last yeares. --- I am from originally Algeria but currently live in Egypt. I designer, decorist & artistic -- I have lived between france and algeria in boarding school 18 years of my life.I studied arts in French and Italian Universities.I speak hebrew,french&english.I like poetry. I am a abrilliant talker. -- Fluent in Hebrew, French and English. I enjoy poetry.I am very firm of purpose . I like everyhting new and unusual. I like joking and all of my friends have sense of humour.I prefer extreme kinds of sport and everything that is connected with active rest and travelling.I am crazy about all kinds of art works ...painting design,decor&crafts.I designed chandlieurs and i have a lot of designs and most of magazienes in france bought a lot of them but i am making now new site for chandlieurs only coz i considere them aren't usual but as antiques . realy wounderful to have one of them or more ..they are v creative and v value .I photed all chandlieures if u want to show& have any . By the way: I live with my pseudonym i don't like to appeare it in egypt coz i love my real name U can ask me to drew u ,i am using my creative tools .. or u can choice any of my arts to own it.I like artists to connecting me.

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