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Finally, I can show my work. Hello my name is John McCracken, and it is a pleasure to be on Artwanted with so many talented Artists. I look forward to viewing, and learning from all of you!

Alittle about me, I got into photography about 4 years ago and haven't stopped since. My first trip was a 6oo picture tour of Banff, Alberta, what a way to start.It was a film camera and I continued to use film up to just over a year ago. Then I made the switch to digital. I travelled extensively before digital, but when I changed to digital my first trip was to Alaska in May/08 where my picture total was near 4000. I went a little crazy and the "delete" button came in handy for sure!

I love nature, wildlife and landscape. I photograph things that "move me" and "tell a story". I have done some photographing of models, and I will still do that if the opportunity is there for sure. . My passion is Flora and Fauna, you never know what to expect with changing weather patterns, uncommon wildlife..etc.Pick an area and walk it and keep your eyes open for anything. Always expect the unexpected! Nature is all around us and it is being taken away from us.It needs to be photographed at close range, at a distance, in the sky, on the sand..etc. You know what I mean. The opportunities are endless!

I photographed a Blue Herron 2 weeks ago. I needed to see him or her fly, so I got closer to shake him up abit to fly and he/she did.Then I went into the bush to do it again and one more time. What I am trying to say is, I am not afraid to get dirty or scrape my legs as was the case in the bush to get some more flight from the Herron. My experiences with a Black Bear in Tofino, were alittle risky, As I got within 10 feet of him while he was fishing for salmon. He was more interested in the salmon for sure than me but you never know!!

I hope my photography might make people smile and inspire them. In photography I use a motto" If I see it, I can shoot it" . Whatever it takes!

That is my story for now, and I hope you all enjoy my work and I look forward to viewing and learning from all of you.


John McCracken.

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