Artist Bio

I'm from a small village in central New York just south of the Adirondacks. Most of the population is employed by the oldest gun manufacturer in America, The Remington Arms. Upstate is not known for its booming economy, so I decided to attend college to ensure future financial stability, and what says financial stability more than... art school. During a two-year stint at Munson Williams Proctor Institute School of Art in Utica, NY I interned at Disney World where I heard of an art school with only one word in its name...Ringling. So I weighed rain versus sunshine and the scale broke. Four years later I have a Bachelors Degree from Ringling School of Art and Design.

I'm drawn to the technical aspect of art as well as the creative aspect. Everybody loves to create. Whether it's a beautiful bridge, a great painting, or a perfect sandwich it brings pride and satisfaction of accomplishment. But, it's in the technique that brings quality.

I don't consider myself an artist. I agree with Wayne Thiebaud's belief that the word "artist" should be held to a higher regard. A person should not proclaim them self an artist, that's for the public to decide after viewing their life's work. So, I am a painter, an Illustrator, a sculptor, or whatever the job may be.

Artist Highlights