Artist Bio

Self Portrait

Mike Huber grew up in an art-dealing family, exposed to a very wide variety of artistic traditions. He draws particularly on the Maya and Olmec traditions, and some older European art. However, the influences are not overt.

Mike was not a particularly gifted artist as a child. Outshadowed by a talented younger brother and the great art to which his family's business exposed him on a daily basis, he stopped creating art. But then one day he was building a woodworking project, and the pattern suggested a simple carved embellishment. His enjoyment of that project led to original carvings, and back to art. He was surprised to find some raw talent where there was none before. Mike is now focused primarily on ceramics, but he also paints and sculpts in other materials. He is currently learning 3d digital art and animation.

Mike is in transition professionally and expects to be teaching high school in 2018.

NOTE:My images are subject to copyright. Email me for permission to use them. I am often willing to share my images, and may have a higher resolution for you. Sometimes original artwork is available.

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