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I create so much art, it is like I am driven! I have designs for so many things! I have sketchbooks full, canvas', boards and tons upon tons of paper sheets! Not to mention that I have written 3 books! My creative flow just doesn't seem to stop! My latest work has been cartoon strips for a water cooler company called Snowbird!

I do art in Charcoal, Pastels, Oil, Acrylic, Water Colour, Pencil, Stone Carving, Metal, Paper and more! I draw, paint or doodle every day, I have since I was little, and collect other artists work, so you could imagine how much art I have in my home! I always sign my work with MOE and sometimes my name with it!

I want to try a little bit of all forms of Art before I have to go to the next level! I have done lots of body paintings and watched them be washed away... Thank Goodness the camera was invented! lol I have a lot of creature drawings, cartoons, exotic, formal paintings and a bunch of in betweens! I can look at just about anything and draw it! My favorite form of Art so far would be painting the human body! It is like an endless canvas!!!!!

Well I think that just about covers ME!

Take care all and do lots and lots of creating and while you are at it ENJOY LIFE!

Michelle Ogborn Artist/Writer/Creator of Many Things


Doers say Dreamers are a waste of space...

But if it weren't for us Dreamers, Doers wouldn't have anything to do!


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