Artist Bio

Self Portrait

Mid 60’s Manhattan New York City. Also, The South Pacific, and African coasts represent a few points around the globe which have been captured by the lenses of Michael Farnham. His first camera a, “Browning Hawkeye Box” and a “Bell and Howell” 35 mm automatic were put to use on family vacations to New York and his hometown of Washington D.C. His path continued to United States Navy where he served in Naval Submarine Force, and as a Boat Captain with Navy Special Warfare. Michael left the Navy and became a civil engineer where he filmed and developed photographical series of site work and building construction. His work has taken him across the Washington D.C. Metro Area, and across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans where he managed projects in Guam, Saipan, Federated States of Micronesia, and various countries in West Africa. These exotic locations, along with others still lightly traversed by tourists, gave him an appreciation for the undiscovered beauty that still exists in the world. Surrounded by green brush against empty skylines and vast fields and coastal areas in Africa, and the Azure water against the white sands of Guam and the South Pacific, strengthened his eye for strong colors, palate definition and framing the shot. Michael and his family reside in Northern Virginia, he still travels and always has his camera along with him.

Artist Highlights