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Introducing the Operatic tenor, Landscape & portrait artist. CD of 24 operatic arias & show songs. Incuding a CD of Backing tracks. This double CD is free with each painting sold here. Free downloads are available from my other web pages recorded by Blackburn arts council. I TRAINED AS A TENOR AT THE BLACKBURN SCHOOL OF MUSIC UNDER JUDITH CROSS MEZZO SOPRANO & TOOK PIANO LESSONS WITH ANNE WILSON. I HOLD THE CERTIFICATE A241 ELEMENTS OF MUSIC OBTAINED AT THE OPEN UNIVERSITY. I BECAME A STREET SINGER IN THE 1990S RESULTING IN AN APPEARANCE ON BBC RADIO LANCASHIRE SINGING SONGS FROM THE SHOWS AND OPERA ON THE STREETS.WINNER OF WHARFEDALE MUSIC FESTIVAL OPERATIC SOLO CLASS & SKIPTON MUSIC FESTIVAL SOLO TENOR CLASS & ALSO WINNER OF THE QUEENS HOTEL TALENT COMPETITION IN BLACKPOOL 10 times. NOW AVAILABLE FOR CONCERT WORK £90 LOCAL RATES WITH OWN PA & BACKING TRACKS £50 FOR SINGING IN CHURCH. MANY OF MY COMPOSITIONS ARE ON THE CMA WEBSITE WWW.classicalarchives.COM COMPUTER MUSIC ASSOSIATION UNDER INSPIRATIONS AND ASPIRATIONS.A concert was given in Italy easter 2002 of my romance for cello & harp by internationally aclaimed cellist John Macrea & partner Anna Maria and recorded onto CD. In the 1990's I passed my City & Guilds in graphic design. Here my paintings are for sale. If you decide to buy one of them (please check for availability first by e mail) a free CD will be included. Commissions for portraits can be done from your photo's by e mail for a cost of £20 or $23 on framed A3 (pets included} with free CD of coarse. UPDATE THE TRUTH: In regards to recent events with respect to my promotions over the internet as an Opera singer. As you can see as from posting this 27. 12 .03--- print the recent Amazon classical music Opera & Vocal downloads charts ------ in the general opera section I am now the most popular singer here. Included in the singers listed here are Pavarotti, Franco Corelli , Carlo Bergonzi, Placido Domingo and also Maria Callas is the second most popular singer in these charts. I am also at No 1 in the Oratorio download charts. Most of the recordings here were made in the summer of this year at the Longshaw working mens club sponsored by Blackburn arts council Community project. Also my home recordings are doing quite well in the Amazon charts. Around 91 mp3 downloads are available here out of 183. The point is also earlier last year I applied to join the chorus of Opera North and after auditioning and after encouraging comments about my voice they later sent me a letter stating that they only wanted tenors with strong high voices. I am now 44 years old, when I was around 27 I started singing lessons at the Blackburn School of music and it was suggested here that I audition for the Royal Northern College of music. I was turned down twice. They said I would never make it as a singer. Also over the past 2 years I won the Talent competition at the Queens Hotel in Blackpool Ten times singing Operatic Arias with my own produced backing tracks. I have also won many prizes singing at Music festivals notably the opera solo class at Wharfedale music festival and the solo tenor class at Skipton. I used to busk on the the streets of Blackburn many people have remembered me for this and I did well as a street entertainer I once won 3rd prize singing on Blackpool Pleasure Beach street entertainers competition. I am a member of St Gabriels choir and I did some of the solos earlier this year at the church when we did the crucifixion by Stainer. The Majesty of the divine humiliation to mention one. This is the most memorable amateur part I have done. I know many great singers never make it in the world of Opera and I will never compare myself to the singers above, However, from my professional experiences I must be either really bad or be the victim of a Blacklisting that even Paul Robeson would have cringed at.


Michael Kennedy UPDATE 2005: On good friday of 2005 my download The majesty of the devine humiliation by John Steiner made it to No1 in the Amazon Oratorio charts, the best recording I have ever made. It would appear that after this time the mp3 and all records of it are lost forever with many other of my recordings and lifes work I will have to do it all again! as I used Amazon to store all these files. A few still remain on other sites. Also it would appear that from this evidence that I and a few other singers and musicians have been blacklisted by a large part of the musical establishment. Instead of removing perverted content from the internet the powers that be prefer to vandalise our musical endeavers without even telling us first. I NEVER RECIEVED ANY NOTIFICATION. Up to the time of the removing of around 150 of my arias and songs + my symphonies and cocerto's my dowloads remained at No1 and used in the advertisement of Amazon products and this is how I was repaid. No acknowledgements or nothing. What would Paul Robeson have said to this Hatchet Job! more regards Michael Kennedy Hi All, With events, concerts, open days, fetes etc being booked on a regular basis - I would like to make all aware of the talents of Michael Kennedy. I worked with Michael on a series of recordings a few years ago now - the results of which were outstanding. Michael has genuine talent in this field, but is really struggling to source opportunities to showcase his abilities. He would greatly appreciate any help we can offer

Michael lives in Blackburn and can be contacted via the email address below: [email protected]

Copies of the CD recordings are available from the Community Music Project, at the address below, for those who are genuinely interested.

Thank-You for your time.

Jon McCaughey C.D.O Music Co-ordinator Community Music Project Roman Road Community Centre Regeneration, Housing and Neighbourhoods [email protected] Tel: 01254 673556

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