15 January, 2024
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

New Spam/Scam Blocking System

We don’t know why artists are so targeted for spam emails and by scammers, but we continue to see an increase in these malicious efforts to our members. Because of this, we have been working on a new system to greatly reduce the spam and scam e-mails our members receive.

We are excited to announce that this new anti-junk email feature is now live on ArtWanted. These changes will greatly reduce the amount of spam and scam e-mails sent through our website to our members.

During our beta testing period last week, we blocked over 2,000 spam/scam emails that were sent to our members that normally would have ended up in their inboxes. This new system uses a combination of checking senders against known spam/scam lists, scanning the email for common words used in scams, scam/spam rating scores, approved sender lists and various other checks to filter out junk mail before it’s sent on to you.

As always, if you do get an e-mail that you are suspicious about and want us to look into it, you can always forward it to us to investigate.

We know these changes will reduce the potential scams emails sent to our members and reduce the junk email you may have seen in the past. This will save you time, lost money/artwork and frustrating hassles and allow you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy, like creating beautiful artwork!



Scott Alexander Jack 18 Jan 2024

Super………thank you

Scott Alexander Jack 21 Jan 2024

Thanks I have not received any spam since you implemented the new software

Vicki Pelham 21 Jan 2024

Thank you!

ArtWanted.com Staff 23 Jan 2024

That is great news to hear. We are happy to hear that some of you have already noticed an improvement.

Thomas Curry 29 days ago

Thank you !!!! :)