13 October, 2023
  • ArtWanted.com Staff
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New Art Shopping Page

In an effort to increase art sales for our members, we have added a new SHOP option to our main menu that can be seen from every page on ArtWanted! The new shopping menu will allow visitors to quickly find and filter only art that is for sale on the website.

On this new SHOP page, visitors can search for art that is for sale as original works, prints and custom products. This new shop page also highlights the 2024 calendars and art books that are also for sale from our members.

Over time we plan to update this page to highlight even more of the art and products that are for sale through ArtWanted. Every artist on this platform can sell their art through the website. If you are not currently selling your art/photos on ArtWanted, we encourage you to do so. We have a whole section of our support FAQ dedicated to selling art on the website.

As a reminder, it’s free for you to create a 2024 wall calendar and art book on the ArtWanted platform, and you can earn money by selling those items through your online portfolio.

NOTE: With these menu changes, we also moved the ART FEED menu option under the dropdown of the members circle image in the menu, where we felt it was more appropriate. If you are logged in, your ArtFeed is also automatically displayed on the home page of ArtWanted.com

FUN FACT: Most artists that post art to ArtWanted do not have it listed for sale. In fact, currently only 25% of the images that are uploaded to ArtWanted can be purchased on the website. The other 75% of the artwork is just to look at.

We hope the percentage of art for sale can increase over time to turn ArtWanted into a shopping destination website. This new addition of the SHOP menu is just one more step toward that goal.


1 Comment

Vicki Pelham 15 Oct 2023

I just checked out the new SHOP option, I realy like that calendars and books are showcased also, very nice addition to the site. Thank you ArtWanted!