10 June, 2023
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Landscape Art Books Now Available!

ArtWanted is excited to announce that we are now offering landscape/horizontal custom books for your artwork or photography!

If most of your artwork/photos are horizontal, this is the perfect solution to create a beautiful book of your creative works. This new format will make your art look amazing and show off your images as large as possible.

When building your book on our platform, you can now choose portrait/vertical orientation or the NEW landscape/horizontal books. These printed books are 11” wide and 8.5” tall and have the same costs and options as the portrait style books.

Just like our other book formats, there is absolutely no cost to create and design your own custom art book using the ArtWanted publishing system. You simply upload your artwork/photos, choose your settings and you are done! It’s so simple!

When a buyer orders a book, you earn commissions from each sale and you can choose your own pricing. We will print the book for the buyer and ship it to them within a week from multiple printing facilities around the world. To learn more about our books, check out our previous blog post announcement.

We hope this new landscape format will inspire you to create your own custom art book and start selling it through ArtWanted. Click the link below to learn more and get started building your new book.

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