22 January, 2023

Viewing Portfolios

When viewing someone`s portfolio and I scroll down to go to the next page every thing works fine,,, I can do this page after page, but after viewing an image I like and click the back button it always goes back to the very beginning of the portfolio instead of the previous page. It does this in groups as well... I don`t think people like doing this over and over, I know I don`t, It takes forever to get through someone`s portfolio this way, There is a lot of work being missed because of this, If the issue was fixed I`m sure artist would get many more views of their work,



Vicki Pelham 08 Feb 2023

I agree with you Mark. I enjoy look through portfolios and have found this to be a real hindrance as well! Thank you for bringing up this subject!

ArtWanted.com Staff 18 Feb 2023

FYI - We will soon be updating all portfolios to have page numbers on them and will remove the LOAD MORE button. This will stop this issue from happening where you go back from viewing an image in larger view.

ArtWanted.com Staff 21 Feb 2023

This change is now live. Read more on the following blog post: