03 October, 2022
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More Artwork on the Daily Uploads Page

The “Daily Uploads” page is one of the most popular pages on ArtWanted, because you can see all the new art that is posted each day by our members. Visitors to ArtWanted can quickly view all the new artwork and the artists that posted it. It’s also a great way to like, bookmark, and post comments on new art that you see on the website.

Based on feedback from our members, we have increased the number of images per artist on our Daily Uploads page from 3 to 5 per day. This will allow the artists that upload more than 3 images per day to get a bit more exposure to their artwork. The first 5 images you upload to your portfolio each day will show on this page.

Why do you limit uploads?

One of the questions we get asked is why we limit the amount of art on this page, instead of showing all new images posted on that day. The reason is that many new or existing members often upload dozens (or even hundreds) of images to their portfolio in a single day. We didn’t want this page flooded with art all from the same member, so we limit it (now) to 5 images per day per artist. This is to add more variety to the page and not overwhelm people with the same style from the same artist. Every image uploaded will still show on the individual portfolio of the artist, this has not changed.

To clarify, free members can upload up to 50 new images to their portfolio per year. This can happen on a single day, or throughout the year. Premium Members can upload unlimited images to their portfolio all year long. Premium Members also get their artwork showing at the very top of the Daily Uploads page, instead of further down on this page.

While you can upload more, we do suggest you upload no more than 5 images per day to your ArtWanted portfolio and spread your uploads over a period of time. By uploading more frequently over multiple days, you will get additional exposure to your artwork from the people that visit this page.

This change is now live for all uploads going forward. We have also gone back to all dates in 2022 and added up to 5 images per artist per day on this page. Enjoy!

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1 Comment

Vicki Pelham 04 Oct 2022

Many thanks ArtWanted, for making updates to the # of visible images in the daily upload feed. five seems like a very comfortable #. With visibility being key, I certainly appreciate that you have listened and responded. Thank you!