22 January, 2022
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Upload Portfolio Images via Email

Did you know that you can post images to your ArtWanted portfolio by simply sending us an e-mail? It's true! You can do this from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Here is how it works...

Steps to Upload Images via E-Mail

1) Create a new e-mail to: [email protected]
2) ATTACH the image to your e-mail that you want to upload (one image per e-mail)
3) The SUBJECT of your e-mail will be used as the image title
4) The BODY of your e-mail will be used as the image description
5) Within 15 minutes of sending us your e-mail, your image will be posted to your portfolio. It’s that easy!

After your image has been posted to your portfolio, we'll send you an e-mail reply with a link to view your image and a link to add/edit any additional information for that image.

This is a feature we have had for a while, but there have been a few bugs, which have now been fixed. We invite you to try it out on your next image upload. Here are a few tips for this feature...

E-mail Upload Tips:

1) The e-mail address you send from must match the e-mail address in your ArtWanted.com profile. View/Edit Info
2) Only attach ONE image per e-mail. If your e-mail contains multiple attachments, only the first attachment will be uploaded.
3) Images should be under 10 MB in file size.

Uploading from your Mobile Phone?

Follow the same steps as above, just take a photo of your artwork first, then attach it to your e-mail.

Uploading images to your portfolio has never been easier! We invite you to try out this feature today. Send your next portfolio image to: [email protected]



Dale Newman 02 Feb 2022

This great thanks AW staff

Rick Corbett 11 Feb 2022

Another amazing feature. Thank you for fixing the bugs, this is another example of amazing features of ArtWanted. Thank you so much AW staff for all that you do.