01 December, 2021
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Buyer Contact Info and Venmo Commission Payments

We are happy to announce two new upgrades to ArtWanted that have been requested by many of our members. These upgrades apply to those that are selling their art on ArtWanted.

1. Buyer Contact Information

Each time you get a sale on ArtWanted, we now include the full name, mailing address and email address of the buyer. This allows you to now see more details about who is buying your art. You can use this info to reach out to that buyer with a thank you or to add them to your customer mailing list.

The buyer information is now displayed in the table of your sales commissions on your ArtWanted Bank Account page. We have included the buyer's contact information for any sale you have had in the last few years on ArtWanted.

2. Venmo Commission Payments

Venmo continues to increase in popularity as a quick way to send and receive money. Venmo has recently introduced business accounts and we setup one for ArtWanted (Username: @artwanted). We now offer the ability to get paid via Venmo for any of your commission payments from artwork sales.

To get paid your commissions via Venmo, simply submit a support ticket requesting payment and include your unique Venmo username (or your Venmo QR code). We still offer the option to get paid via PayPal and mailed checks as well. You can also keep the money in your bank account and use it for future ArtWanted purchases.

3. Selling Your Art

If you are not already selling art or a 2022 calendar on ArtWanted, what are you waiting for? It’s free to list your art for sale and you earn commissions from every sale you make. To learn more details about selling your art on ArtWanted, check out our help section on this topic.



Veera Zukova 01 Dec 2021

that's great news!

Rick Corbett 04 Dec 2021

This is such amazing news. Thank you so much to the ArtWanted staff for these features. So awesome!!!

Mitzi Delpho 21 Dec 2021

I love this!

Dale Newman 02 Feb 2022

Thank You AW staff