22 July, 2021

From a tiny acorn ...

First, this is - by definition and design - a low-budget display. As one of six "invited" guests, I have the equivalent of a booth space - without the booth! Invited guests are new to show 'circuit' and are on a test drive.

Second, there just isn't enough framed work (to my show specifications, anyway) around to fill a booth. Thus, you will see a second print rack in future pics. Print racks will hold matted, tagged and bagged originals.

I will try to post as the set up and show progresses. Worst case, there will be group of pics appended to this thread.



Mark A. Lembo 23 Jul 2021

Initial set up - lacking the small banner and any matted prints for the print rack.

Rick Corbett 28 Jul 2021

Mark, I love both photos, great set up. You certainly made the most out of the space. Thank you so much for sharing the photos.

Mark A. Lembo 29 Jul 2021

Rick, thanks. I learned a lot and got to meet many talented and accomplished artists, as well as a boatload of local art lovers. Made an overnight pricing decision (read: Reduction) and sold a couple of matted originals on Sunday!