07 June, 2021

Black and White

Anyone interested in black and white... I have started a new group. Exactly for that... Photography, digital, pencil, etc... All medium welcome. Please feel free to join and share your talent with us.



Mark A. Lembo 07 Jun 2021

Although I lean heavily on a simple red, yellow, blue palette, I have been fascinated with a metallic marchacite watercolor lately. As close to B/W, as I have been in a while. Great idea. I will stop by.


Lucia Stewart 08 Jun 2021

Awesome idea for a group, Mark, thank you, I'll join!

Rick Corbett 12 Jun 2021

I love black and white. I feel that there is drama, beautiful contrasts, and makes more of an impact in black and white work. I would love to join your group, I would be honored.

Vincent von Frese 21 Jun 2021

Dale Newman 13 days ago

Great, I love B&W of all types of mediums, I am looking forward to joining your group