18 April, 2021

Live Streaming

Has anyone ever thought of or have tried to live stream on Social Media? Would Art Wanted consider doing live streaming perhaps on Instagram or Facebook? I've been thinking about about doing live streaming from Instagram, Facebook, or even twitter but I haven't built up the nerve yet....some day I will though because I love watching artists on live streams. Please, tell me your thoughts about live streaming?



Mark A. Lembo 17 days ago

Also in the "building up the nerve" camp. Took the first step and got a bendable, suction cupped selfie stick. Recorded a heads-on video of the production of one piece, but had to edit/pare down. That allowed me to get something on 'film' and have the ability to edit and control distribution.

Sadly, it is literally like watching paint dry! Sped up or time-lapsed tricks seem to be a good way to go, but I lack the tools and experience to go that route (so far).

I plan to try some more of those short videos, and if (somehow!) there is an audience AND there is demand, go to a live stream. Worst case, the social media machine has a few videos to digest/catalog/index...

Cheers, MAL

Lucia Stewart 16 days ago

Rick, leave your fears behind! Your work is fantastic, you could do this live stream on Instagram!

Mirella Pitkänen 15 days ago

Just the other week I watched a livestream on instagram while painting, it was quite comforting to have a "companion" while doing my work. I have considered doing ones myself and have had some requests by it from people who follow my instagram but just like you I haven´t built up the courage to do it. Maybe you could start off with shorter lives while finishing up you works for only 10-20 minutes?