18 March, 2021

Artist Groups

Are there any active groups here on Artwanted? I'm wondering what's the goal, most seem inactive, other than getting a few points when you add your artwork to the group. Which is fine, but I like a bit of community spirit!



Mark A. Lembo 24 days ago

Curious, as well! MAL

Brian Wolfgang Becker 24 days ago

There is a handful or two of people that engage on Artwanted.com but where are all the other thousands that supposedly belong to it? I guess it must be a bit like a ghost town. People stop on the way through, post a few images or hundreds and then move on down the road of just imagine! We are still here Lucia! :)

Cheryl Garman-Andrade 24 days ago

Hi Lucia. I'm glad to see your spirit and motivation! I would love to see Artwanted become as popular as it once was. I have been here for over a decade and intially, this place was hopping. With so many POD sites popping up over the years, I think most artists delved into other sites. I have tried several times to come back here and bring others, but it seems to come to a standstill time and time again. That said, this has always been my "go to" site. They have made major changes to make everything so user friendly. Maybe a marketing issue on AWs behalf? I don't know... Recently, I checked Alexa to see where the rankings are for Artwanted and maybe the pandemic is helping because things appear to be picking up for this site. I sure hope so, because I love this place. I have been a basic member and a premium member in the past - may "activate" myself again. :) The personal website intrigues me.

Vincent von Frese 23 days ago

Hard to keep up on group members since there is not a notification when an artist adds something to a group.

Lucia Stewart 21 days ago

Some very good points here, everyone! Thank you!

Rick Corbett 17 days ago

Great topic! I love ArtWanted and I do post to groups but no one converses with me so I gave up sadly. I would love to help make the groups more active. What groups does everyone belong to? Maybe I'll see there.

Lucia Stewart 12 days ago

That's a great idea, Rick, you could start a new group too! There are so many but I think they have all mostly been abandoned.

My groups are: Art for your home, Humorous illustrations. Others are anything associated with animals, nature, ACEO art cards, etc.

Lucia Stewart 12 days ago

I really wish AW would remove the inactive groups so we can have some idea of which groups are worth joining, am I right?

Cheryl Garman-Andrade 6 days ago

What a great idea! Maybe put this on the idea board.