15 March, 2021

ArtWanted Premium Website

Hi my ArtWanted friends,

May I ask who has an ArtWanted Premium Website? I love mine, it has everything I need and was wondering what your favorite theme is? I love all of the themes but Monet and Picasso - Light are my two favorite. What's yours?



Mark A. Lembo 16 Mar 2021

Premium member but not a website user - went the FASO route. I would go with Picasso - Dark, though.

Lucia Stewart 07 Jun 2021

I was considering a AW website, Rick. Can you link it to Instagram with a shop button, and can you sell original paintings directly from the website. In other words is it a commerce site with a effective check out page capability?

Do you have your own domain name? I own my domain name, just need a place to direct it to. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Mitzi Delpho 22 Jun 2021

I have a website too not sure witch one I like best.

Deborah Blount 28 Jun 2021

I'm considering upgrading but not sure if I will go with the website or not. Does anyone have one that I could view to help me with my decision? Thanks a bunch!

Nancy Price 15 Jul 2021

Yes , the website is curious to me too.

Nina Kuriloff 07 Sep 2021

I am very interested in the premium website, but would need to see an actual artwanted member site before I take the plunge.