10 March, 2021

Van Gogh birthday

March 29th is van Gogh’s birthday? No it is March 30th. Matters not but I admit I was incorrect! Our Chef can celebrate twice as a result. To celebrate we can produce an artwork with him in mind! Then show it to everyone!



Chroma and Sapor 11 Mar 2021

Hey hey, March 29th is our Chef's birthday, too!

Vincent von Frese 12 Mar 2021

Maybe your chef can make a Sunflower Cake!

Lucia Stewart 12 Mar 2021

Happy Birthday, Vincent!

Vincent von Frese 12 Mar 2021

Here is a good example yea! Honor the Van man with a glass of Red and the label of same!

Lucia Stewart 13 Mar 2021

Thank you, for starting such a fun post, Vincent! I’m a huge Van Gogh fan! I spent a weekend in Arles, France, a few years back and it was amazing! I can’t wait to see what others post.

Vincent von Frese 13 Mar 2021

Thank you Lucia, yes there are many things we can do to help Vincent’s van Gogh! On his own birthday! Pretty su re there is hardly an artist has not been in some way influenced by him and he his entire artistic family. Most of all was his passion for life that he craved and how he expressed with every brush stroke. Everyone can compose something, anything, with this passion and share it here! I am going to try.

Rick Corbett 13 Mar 2021

Such a great post! Vincent Van Gogh I feel is somewhat under rated sadly. I agree that there are so many artists who have been influences and/or inspired by Vincent in some way. I hope to create a Van Gogh portrait and post it here. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing other artists renditions of this great artist.

Vincent von Frese 14 Mar 2021

Thank you Rick! Love your post as well and I apologize if I have over embellished my response. Today however it is Albert Einstein’s birthday! Pie day. Pi r square closest Calendar date to this number. Photographer Arthur Stieglitz photographed the most famous portrait known of Einstein.

Mark A. Lembo 16 Mar 2021

Did not realize (remember?) 3.14 is Einstein's birthday. BS Physics probably should have known that!

Was thinking about van Gogh recently. Will give some thought to doing an a la.

Great idea!

Cheers, MAL

Nira Dabush 22 Mar 2021

"Vincent van Gogh From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search "Van Gogh" redirects here. For other uses, see Van Gogh (disambiguation) and Vincent van Gogh (disambiguation). Vincent van Gogh A head and shoulders portrait of a thirty something man, with a red beard, facing to the left Self-Portrait, 1889, Musée d'Orsay Born Vincent Willem van Gogh

30 March 1853 Zundert, Netherlands Died 29 July 1890 (aged 37) Auvers-sur-Oise, France

Vincent von Frese 24 Mar 2021

A portrait sketch done this afternoon.

Mark A. Lembo 25 Mar 2021

'Starry Twilite?'

Limited palette and even more limited skills with a brush in hand(!). An attempt at 'Starry Night' with my usual arsenal of inks and watercolors on Yupo. A humble tip of the beret to the master.

Vincent von Frese 25 Mar 2021

Yes. in this line of creative thought Starry Night created off spring art works which like your painting is amazingly strong! We all love Starry Night and the Starry Twilight offers a future,

Lucia Stewart 25 Mar 2021

Yes! I agree, awesome work! Love your Gogh portrait sketch too, Vincent!

Vincent von Frese 27 Mar 2021

Many hugs and handshakes to you for your positive compliment on my sketch!

Ray Steele 14 Jun 2021