11 February, 2021

Instagram Links.

Let's support each other. If you wish to follow me.


Follow everyone above you before dropping your Instagram links if you'd like a follow back.



Cheryl Garman-Andrade 22 days ago

Hey there. Great idea! https://www.instagram.com/cherylaandrade/

Mar Ley 21 days ago


Nira Dabush 15 days ago

Lucia. Thank you. I chose not to post on Instagram, since of the terrible of harming my privacy in all ways possible. I have nothing to search there things are not safe as was. Enjoy safe privacy wherever you are. Stay healthy. LOve and peace from Israel, NIRA.

Lucia Stewart 12 days ago

I completely understand, Nira. Thank you for you input! This post is for those who are already active, or looking for a new avenue to gain more exposure for their artwork on Instagram.

Rick Corbett 9 days ago

Great discussion, thank you Lucia!! My Instagram account is rcorbetfineart

I followed everyone so far...I love Instagram and look forward to seeing everyone's amazing work.

Lucia Stewart 6 days ago

Excellent Rick, great to connect with you on IG. Thank you for jumping onboard.

Mark A. Lembo 3 days ago

Lucia, thanks!


BTW, Rick, you dropped a 't' in your message below

Lucia Stewart 21 hours ago

Great to have you on board, Mark!