24 January, 2021

To ArtWanted Staff: PAYPAL

As you have maybe heard, there are big troubles with logging in to PayPal. I wanted to terminate my PayPal account, but couldn't log in either.

When I looked on my ArtWanted Contact Information page, I saw that I had added an e-mail address for my PayPal account.

I have removed that e-mail address, because I don't want to use PAYPal anymore, never again. Is there any other way to pay for the premium? If not I have to end my premium, I would pity that.

I want to pay with Ideal. Do you have a solution?



Vincent von Frese 27 Jan 2021

Nearly a million artists on this site and not one discussion response. In my case my premium membership was degraded by the automatic renewal process because this is withdrawn without prior notice notice. And I did not have anything in the bank at Christmas like many people. I emailed art wanted staff later and asked them to go ahead and Bill me again but no response. Seems the hole site is running in itself robotically its all the membership funds continually coming in leaving absentee wealthy staff members on a permanent vacation maybe!

Anneke Hut 27 Jan 2021

Yes, I think you are right, Vincent. Thank you for your reply. :)

ArtWanted.com Staff 27 Jan 2021

We first want to say, that ArtWanted has real humans reading and answering support tickets everyday. We can also say that we do not read every post in every message board thread, so the best way to contact ArtWanted is through a support ticket using the CONTACT US link found at the bottom of every page.

As for PayPal, we no longer accept PayPal for ArtWanted Membership purchases. We had a lot of problems with PayPal a few years ago with a lot of fraud attempts, so we stopped accepting this payment method for our company. However, we recognize many artists still use PayPal, and so we offer that option for our artists to accept payment for products they ship to buyers.

As for payment options for Premium Memberships, we do accept all major credit cards plus mailed in checks and money orders. We are looking into other payment options for ArtWanted as well that may be available in the future.

Anneke Hut 27 Jan 2021

Dear Staff, thank you very much for that clear answer! :)

Ray Steele 09 Mar 2021

the same here

Sigridur Bachmann 01 Apr 2021

The same here I think i have to sign up and getting all my photo sent back.. Tis problem have been since Jan 21. Now is the 1 of april 21

Please contac me ....