03 December, 2020
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

2020 Holiday Gallery Now Live

At this time every year, we exhibit a special gallery at ArtWanted full of joyous holiday images. The 2020 ArtWanted Holiday Gallery is now open for everyone to enjoy!

This year you will find over 200 new images of Christmas, the nativity, Santa, elves, presents, snow, candy and everything else associated with this time of the year. You can also view all the holiday artwork that has been submitted in past years, too.

You can get to the new Holiday Gallery from the link on our BROWSE page or just by going to the following link:


If you have any type of holiday themed artwork, use the link below to select images from your own portfolio and submit them to the holiday gallery:

Submit Holiday Artwork Now



genka bliznashka 08 Dec 2020

I already selected my Holliday images from my portfolio , but there is nowhere a tab to click to put them on view they stay marked

ArtWanted.com Staff 08 Dec 2020

Genka - You have added a few images from your portfolio to the gallery. To view the gallery with your images in them, visit this link: https://www.artwanted.com/browse/holiday/

genka bliznashka 08 Dec 2020

genka bliznashka 09 Dec 2020

Sorry, but I selected seven images from my portfolio I don't see them anywhere in the Holliday gallery

Sylvia Jackovitch- Kallay 14 Dec 2020

I also submit several pictures but I don't see them. I hope to see them soon!

ArtWanted.com Staff 15 Dec 2020

Genka - We see several of your images in the Holiday gallery, but we did have to remove a bunch of images from the gallery that did not fit the theme of the holidays. If you uploaded images in 2019, then they will show in the 2019 holiday gallery.

Sylvia - We don't see that you have selected any holiday images yet. After you upload the images, go to the following page and click on the images that meet the holiday theme.


Sylvia Jackovitch- Kallay 16 Dec 2020

Thank you, I will try again!

cindy kelly 02 Dec 2021

I tried to download a painting and it never came up on the holiday gallery.

ArtWanted.com Staff 03 Dec 2021

Cindy - The images you select from your portfolio will show up in the year you added that image to ArtWanted. It looks like you added images to the gallery that were uploaded 1+ years ago, so they will show up in the respective year for that gallery. You can change the year you are viewing with the tabs at the top of the gallery. Hope that helps.