22 November, 2020

Creative Destruction

Every now and then you need to embrace creative destruction. Yes?

Do you purge, cull or weed out old works that don't, or haven't, made the cut?



Rick Corbett 27 Nov 2020

Great question! Personally for me, I keep all of my older works, especially the drawings I just stop working on because I don't like the direction they are going in. I save my work in a map drawer which I use for inspiration. I pull these older works out when I feel in a rut. I feel that just by looking at these older drawings, I feel inspired.

Mark Lembo 28 Nov 2020

Thanks. The work that was recycled had been kept for those reasons, but they had served their purpose. There is something refreshing about the 'editing.' On the bright side, a new series/collection was born out of the review. Generally, my work tends toward brighter. A grouping of much darker works started to emerge, so there are now maybe a dozen, or so, works that are now set aside. Often, I have to remind myself that there may be an audience for the works that are not my favorites. (That will be next week's discussion!)

Cheers, MAL

Anneke Hut 28 Nov 2020

Mark, what a good idea! Now you have inspired me to go through my rejected works. Trouble is I've got more rejected ones than approved ones, so it will take some time. :)

Mark Lembo 28 Nov 2020

We all know that feeling. For what it's worth, I made an A pile (absolute keepers), a B pile (maybe with some work) and a C pile (Why have I been saving this?) - and was fairly lenient in the judging. After a couple of passes, the C pile was about one-fourth of the material I had saved over the years. That said, if this was done annually, I would limit the C pile to 10%.

Cheers, MAL.