19 November, 2020

How does one get a message to Art Wanted with problems with another member Portfolio?

Please let me know how I can get contact with Art Wanted persons who can solve the problem I am having with my portfolio, Another artist with the name Jude Nagurney Camwell will come up when working in my portfolio.. I can not change any personal information. It is very frustrating. I Joined Art Wanted in 2003 and I have a 70+ pc. of my art in my portfolio. This other person may hove joined in 2003 and has 3 photos in her portfolio all dated the day she joined. I have posted before about this problem. No reply problem not solved.

I might not be as active on the site as I was in 2003, might not like the changes to the site as much as the site was in 2003. I might not be a paying member, I am thou a artist who still up loads some of my painting, and other art, may not be to everyone liking. It is my art not another members art, who does not seem to be active in her portfolio...

Please help, Solve this problem..

Thank you, Jude from 3003