23 October, 2020

ArtWanted: Creative Minds Book

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About 5 - 10 years ago or so, I purchased a really nice ArtWanted book that was titled ArtWanted: Creative Minds. It is a paperback book that is chock full of the Best of the Best of ArtWanted artists. I think it would be amazing if another book, an updated book was created showcasing all of the amazing and masterful artists here on ArtWanted. Just a thought/idea.



Ivo Depauw 25 Oct 2020

Looks a good idea to me Rick

Dale Newman 09 Nov 2020

good idea

Brian Wolfgang Becker 28 Feb 2021

That would be interesting Rick and also to get an update on just how many people are still currently on Artwanted.com as active members.

Rick Corbett 16 Jun 2021

This is an amazing book that is filled with the best of the best artwork that Artwanted showcases. I love this book and am so inspired by the artists appearing in this book. I would love to see this reprinted with current artists and artwork. Perhaps some day.

Mitzi Delpho 22 Jun 2021

I think that is a cool idea.

Dave Matke 15 hours ago

I like this idea !