07 August, 2020

Subject: Yes, We Need an AW APP!

Vote Down Vote Up

Subject: Yes, We Need an AW APP! When it was first mentioned if I would use an AW app, I said "no" I would probably not use it. The more I have thought about it, the more I like the idea. I can see myself voting in the Doctor’s office while waiting! If members could participate in this new app to vote on each photo it would be perfect. We love that part besides viewing and commenting because it makes people feel good that their friends thought so much about their work to be entered in Pic of the Day.

I just want to vote for the photo with the choices given: thumbs-up (like the photo), love the photo by adding to my favorites, add to Pic of the Day, View Pic of the Day, follow the artist, view daily uploads, view featured artists, comment a photo and check my rank of the month on the Dashboard, read the Idea Board & Member Discussions, vote in the contests and check the featured artist list. These voting items should be on the bottom of each picture NOT on the side like in the main website, because it does not show on a phone currently. This is hurting AW because people cannot vote from their phones and some do not have a computer! That takes away all the fun! Can we have an app? Please!