28 July, 2020

Likes, Love, etc photos

Do you notice on the picture buttons for "Like" Love"? I notice that people don;t use the like rarely. How can we get everyone to start using them? I know we have so much to do and many of us have to run=sh through their own work to just anwer the left comment. I think if you hit the heart the "like" should be done by the computer!



Joanie Holliday 31 Jul 2020

I used my phone 99.9% of the time and that icon does not show. So I can not click the like. It should be under the picture also with the others. But NO.

Ginger Olansen 03 Aug 2020

I never saw it for months because I had my pc screen set to 200% did not even know it. I finally wrote AW and they told me! LOL. Maybe your phone screen is set too large?

Joanie Holliday 05 Aug 2020

Just a small screen.

Ginger Olansen 06 Aug 2020

Sorry Joanie, its such fun to put in "Pic of the day". Do you look at the collection? I seem to be the one doing most of them among our group? Have you mentioned it to them?

Joanie Holliday 18 Aug 2020

I can do picture of the day on my phone but not the others as on my computer.