24 July, 2020

Allow browsing in the Art Feed for Pic Of the Day!

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Why can't we access the Pic of the Day area anytime just to browse it? I think it would be a great idea to add the browsing entrance to pic of the day as a list in the art feed. We all know the Pic of the Day are chosen by members that love the photo and people will continue to do that because credit should be given to special things.

Does anyone agree with me? Let us have a common browsing area for pic of the day please! Thanks. .



Al Budarin 25 Jul 2020

I think that's a fantastic idea

Mark Peterson 25 Jul 2020

Click on browse at the top of the page and it will take you to featured pages. Just click under pic of the day where it says view gallery. Is that what you meant?


Brilliant idea

marie-claire gallet 25 Jul 2020

This is just a fantastic idea !! Let's go !!!!!

Ivo Depauw 25 Jul 2020

Good idea Ginger, I even have no idea where to find the mention "Pic of the day

Ginger Olansen 25 Jul 2020

If the person that told you they made your item as "Pic of the Day". Then AW makes that an easy link for you to see it, But if you do not spell it out like that you cant get to it! Very annoying. Glad you found out about Ivo.

I still think it should be listed under the art feed because you have favorite images, favorite artist and could have "pic or the day" just to look at it.

ArtWanted.com Staff 26 Jul 2020

As mentioned by a few members already, the PICS OF THE DAY gallery is already featured on the main BROWSE page of the website, which is one of the most popular pages of ArtWanted. If you haven't seen it there before, now you know where it's found.

Ginger Olansen 05 Aug 2020

I guess it does not matter where it goes but this is not the place I would usually look! Have a great day!