29 June, 2020

Richard Beckstrand


Hi. I'm just wondering how my portfolio could be improved? Anyone feel like me; I bet there is. I know I have a long road to travel before I arrive at success. I have sold a small handful of art to locals in my area. I have some ideas on how to market my work. Will you share some artistic perspective with me?

Thanks, Richard Beckstrand



Ray Steele 20 Jul 2020

I know you feel I’ myself been trying to make mark In the art world off and on for the past 40years btw you did a beautiful job on that car

Ray Steele 20 Jul 2020

Try to experiment with some idea you may have which you thought of using in your work try mix mediums aswell

Rick Corbett 21 Jul 2020

Hi Richard, I love your portfolio. I believe that as artists, we all have different perspectives on what success looks like. For some artists, it's about selling art while others it's having their work accepted into a gallery. Personally for me, it's about making an impact. I don't consider myself an artist yet, at best, I feel that I'm an OK draftsman. It won't be until I take someone's breath away with my art that I'll consider myself and artist and it will be at that point that I truly consider myself a success. I love your work and look forward to seeing more.