24 May, 2020


Can someone explain to me why the 7th active member is no more existing????? Have a nice day all !!! Marie-Claire



Joanie Holliday 27 days ago

Crazy isn't it. I don't see it makes any difference even if you're in the top 10 or not. Have a good day and don't worry about it

Ginger Olansen 19 days ago

I could not handle checking the top active members every day! It was too addictive for me. So I asked AW to remove me from the list to let others in. I was in the top too much! Did you know if you look at your statistics under "images" overall, it tells you what your hits are for the month. I am about 1450 so I know I am 3rd or 4th from the top! If it drives you crazy too, try that. Have a great day!