18 March, 2020

Is this a scam

I have had a request to buy 3 of my artworks from a [email protected] are sending a cheque Bancaire for the pieces this Friday, they have told me that the cheque has been made out for the wrong amount but to go ahead and pay it in to my account ,then to contact him when this has been paid in for instructions on what action to take ,please advise asap. thanks



ArtWanted.com Staff 18 Mar 2020

This message has all the signs of a scam and we would suggest you do not do business with this individual. You should not accept checks for payment, especially if they are over the amount. Scammers do this and then cancel the check, so you lose everything.

paul stratton 18 Mar 2020

ok thank you for the prompt reply and i will cease to do any business with this individual