17 March, 2020

Many hits, No Sales

Hey folks,

I receive hundreds of monthly hits on my images, ptofile, blog, and even in the store.

However, from the number of people that visit my store each month, their visit does not result in a sale.

Hs anyone else had this same issue? If so, did whatever you did, result in any sales?




Denise Dundon 02 Apr 2020

The same thing is happening for me. Lots of hits to images and profile, but no sales. I'm guessing most of the traffic here is from other artists looking at each other's work.

If anyone else has advice, that would be great!

Ginger Olansen 03 Apr 2020

I have found that people don't usually buy paintings online. I sell a lot in shows, displays and just privately. It works if a gallery is pushing your work daily, do you do that? All should understand people need to see many things in person before they buy, it can be a big investment. PC’s vary to one another; colors can be different compared to the “real” thing. Frames can do a painting or photo justice, but you never see them online, maybe that could be an option here? Each of us could advertise on our own to promote our work. A black background does improve display of photos/paintings, I think! Do you add links to personal email? We could do blog photo, painting or craft classes here, that would be popular I bet. AW does a great job advertising. We can all try our best to invest in promoting AW to make it a better site inside and out. It's up to us, AW will be thrilled to accommodate us in any way they can, just ask or suggest! Participate! One important thing: so many people do not explain what the photos or paintings are: there is NO media, description, title, or the mention of framing, style, type, digital, photography, shipping, price, no tags, no keywords to find your work or name. No one will sell anything that way! AW repeats this 2-4 times a month. It is not AW; they do a lot of ads for us! Do you buy paintings online? Do you buy your own gifts shown here? Maybe first we should buy our own gifts, then other members? Maybe your prices are too high! What if the AW’s store could be in one main place for the public and members works separate? We all need to think about this!

Ranefox 11 Apr 2020

That's a good point, AW is more of a community, yet you would hope that we would see something we like and either purchase it outright, or inquire with the artist for more information.

I want to sell my photography, and have moved on to different avenues.

I think it's importnt to title and describe the item shown, [photograph, type of painting, (acrylic, oil, etc), drawings, (ink, pencil, charcoal.] And yes, knowing the dimensions of 3-d items (sculpture, 3-D works, etc), is valuable.

I also have a personal website as a member of AW. Yet, when I select an image to print, I'm returned back to the main AW site. I think that is a deterrent for any potential purchase.