17 March, 2020

Many hits, No Sales

Hey folks,

I receive hundreds of monthly hits on my images, ptofile, blog, and even in the store.

However, from the number of people that visit my store each month, their visit does not result in a sale.

Hs anyone else had this same issue? If so, did whatever you did, result in any sales?




Denise Dundon 4 days ago

The same thing is happening for me. Lots of hits to images and profile, but no sales. I'm guessing most of the traffic here is from other artists looking at each other's work.

If anyone else has advice, that would be great!

Ginger Olansen 3 days ago

Yes, the same for me. I have found that people don't usually buy paintings online. I sell a lot in shows, displays and just privately. You have to understand people need to see it in person, its a big investment they will have for a long time. Frames can do a painting justice but you never see them online. With AW I find its more of a family, so many friends if you only try, from a hello or a sweet comment to a lengthy one. AW makes it fun to join in to ideas, discussions, contest, portfolio's, etc. Each of us could advertise on our own to promote AW as best as we can, we could do blog classes, that would be popular I bet. Plus its rewarding to have people take note of you. Its also for you to take your favorites and have them printed in AW gifts, they do a great job. We can all try our best to invest in promoting Art Wanted to make it a better site inside and out. It's up to us, AW will be thrilled to accommodate us in anyway they can, just ask, or suggest!

One important thing: so many people do not explain what the photos is of what the painting is about; no media, no description, no size, no price and shipping discussion, no tags, no keywords for people to find your name of works. If they can't sell what do they expect? It's not AW. Do you buy paintings online? I buy gifts. What do you think?