10 March, 2020

Main Portfolio; to return to page or photo you were working on

I was updating and checking 5 pages of photos in my portfolio. The 2nd - the 5 page, every time I was on page 5 for example, I would return to page one. The I again had to physically go to page 5, scroll down again. Is it possible to return to the page or photo you were on? It sure would take less time and be more convenient.



Joanie Holliday 13 Mar 2020

Yes it's madding. Also when looking at others portfolios, if you click on a picture, when returning you have to start from page 1 again.

ArtWanted.com Staff 13 Mar 2020

Thanks for the feedback. We encourage you to also post this on our IDEAS BOARD forum, so you can gather support from other members and they can vote on this idea.

Ginger Olansen 13 Mar 2020

I tried to put on "Idea Board" and there was an error and I could not put in which I sent to you on email. I think that is why I put on the member discussions in first place (because of error)..