01 March, 2020

Package Design Research for MFA

Hello fellow art wanted members! I am excited to be in the final phase of completing my MFA. I am doing research on package design and thought I would post my survey here to invite this community to participate. Below is the information release and a link to the survey.

As a graduate student in the School of Visual and Performing Arts at Liberty University, I am conducting research as part of the requirements for a Master of Fine Arts degree. The purpose of my research is to better understand consumer expectations and response to food packaging design related to health. I am looking for participants that are female, aged 25-50, and are the primary food purchasers for themselves and/or their families. On average the survey takes less than 20 minutes to complete and is available online.

If you would like to participate, please click the link below to be directed to the survey


For more information or questions regarding the research, please contact: Shelley Tate Garner MFA Candidate School of Visual and Performing Arts [email protected]