21 February, 2020

Browsing Artist Portfolios

Since I have not been here in a long time. I like to familiarize myself with new members and their work to see what's new and to introduce myself. One thing that started to annoy me was the fact that when I get up to page say 10 it would always return me to page 1. One could be shown the same page they were on with an arrow to say page 11 instead of one. Or even easier, a space can be created to type the page your want and type it in. That would make it so much easier. No one wants to keep going back to page 1 after being on a higher page. I bet everyone has stopped looking at it. I am going to0!



Mark Peterson 22 Feb 2020

This has been an issue for a long time. Often I will click to load more and it will tell me there is no more, but I am on page 1 of 700 images. This happens in groups mostly and I have contacted AW to complain and they say they are not seeing the issue I am and that everything is working fine.

ArtWanted.com Staff 23 Feb 2020

It sounds like you two are talking about two different issues.

Ginger - We have tried to reproduce what you are talking about on the BROWSE ARTISTS page, and we have not been able to make the site do what you are seeing. We are able to surf to page 10 and beyond without issues. You may not know this, but you also always change the page you want to view in the browser address bar to jump to a specific page if you like. If this continues to happen, please send us a support ticket on the exact steps to reproduce or a video, so we can research this.

Mark - Our team is aware of the issue you speak of and have made coding improvements to greatly reduce this from happening. While it may still happen from time to time, it should be much less than it was last year. We would like to know if you have seen a reduction of this happening from your experience.

Mark Peterson 23 Feb 2020

I appreciate your response and know you always work hard to fix issues. I might be a little confused with what she was talking about.. Individual issues can be time consuming I know, but in the long run I am sure you know it will benefit your site. Thanks for all the hard work and doing what you can. I really appreciate it ~