12 January, 2020

Art Jobs classifieds.....Again??

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One very specific Positive aspect of the Older Original ArtWanted.com site was the capabilities for the artists of the Community to search the various Job filler/content wanted positions. This was One of the aspects I actually GREATLY benefited from. (I actually found a couple of great artistic chances for getting actual PAY from my work this way--especially a year long gig working on a Tabletop RPG creative team from England!! My contract included I would be credited as one of the collaborating artists.) Maybe it would be beneficial for all aspiring artists of the AW community to include a NEW section on the site for jobs listed by potential employers and People looking to buy what we as the artists are capable of providing to them-- instead of having all the jobs being sought to fulfill on OTHER competing Art websites???


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Ray Steele 9 days ago

I cold hearted agree with articaole