20 December, 2019
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

The Gift of Upgrades

This holiday season, we are giving a gift to all ArtWanted members! Over the next few weeks we will be upgrading the server hardware and software that runs the ArtWanted.com website.

These changes will make ArtWanted run faster, smoother, more secure and many previous bugs & errors will be also be fixed at this time.

During this upgrade process, there may be brief down periods for the ArtWanted website. We will post those on this thread and on our social media accounts, so you can be made aware of them.

We really think you are going to enjoy this gift of upgrades. 2020 is going to be a great year!



ArtWanted.com Staff 27 Dec 2019

UPDATE: We will be doing a major hardware and software upgrade this weekend. During this time, the ArtWanted.com website will be unavailable. This is scheduled to start on Saturday, Dec. 28th at 8pm MST and last for several hours.

ArtWanted.com Staff 29 Dec 2019

UPDATE: The ArtWanted.com upgrades are to a point where we can now go online with most features/content.

Several recent bugs have been already fixed, including the multiple file uploader and image rotate feature.

There are still some features that may not work yet or some images that may not display, but most of these issues should be resolved today. After today, please contact us if you see something that should be working that is not, so we can get right on that.

Over the next few weeks, there will be many other bug fixes released that will fix some of the current and past issues with the website. Thanks for your patience during this upgrade process.

Mark Kokopelli Watkins 13 Jan 2020

Sounded fantastic to me! Staff really comes up with some fantastic ideas for us! My best always, Mark Kokopelli Watkins

Ginger Olansen 17 Feb 2020

Wow it has improved and changed so much. For the better! Learning where everything is. Speed and entry to the site is so fast! Thanks.

Xiao zhuhua 25 Feb 2020

Thank artwanted stuff’s endeavor in improving service system of website,and give all members smooth and rapid experience

Mark Kokopelli Watkins 25 Feb 2021

These upgrades are fantastic! Thanks co much!